Our Story

Hello and welcome!

We are two friends and mums who wanted, like most busy parents, to make the most of the time that we spent with our kids.

It was hard to juggle full-time work and kids, and to remain an involved and thoughtful parent at the same time! When the time is so precious - looking for ideas on Pinterest, shopping for all those brushes, clay and wooden pieces felt like a waste of time.

So we thought of creating a helping hand for ourselves and any other busy parent - a kit that includes all the necessary art materials and instructions for several projects that cover a certain topic on nature and the world around us – projects that combine Art, Fun and Education – or what is called Edu-Tainment.

Using natural or sustainable materials and limiting plastics was also a must for us - to teach our kids sustainability and an eco-friendly approach to life.

We both live on Lamma island, an arty and laid-back corner of Hong Kong. The island community that inspired us is particularly eco-friendly and undertakes great initiatives in recycling, energy saving and nature protection.

With that in mind, we've combined several of our passions into The Petit Pelican - a Nature-inspired Craft Box for Kids.

We spend months researching, designing, testing and refining our projects and we put what we care about the most into each The Petit Pélican box:

  • Connection between children and parents through creative process
  • Learning with Nature and leaving as little waste as possible
  • Easy art projects for kids that are awesome enough to frame. We believe in art’s great influence on kids’ imagination, education and development. Each of our boxes teaches a different art technique, such as mosaic art, collage paper, watercolor, sand art, and many more.
  • Design Thinking. Creative thinking allows our kids to become more flexible and to be able to approach problems differently. Our projects have plenty of room for imagination.

We are also lucky enough to work with some inspiring environmental NGOs who help us prepare our educational magazine and provide great ideas for future boxes!