Art & Science Activity Box for Kids - Light &  Optics

Light & Optics Box

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Have you ever wondered what Light is?

You'll find answers to all your questions in this "Light & Optics" activity box. It's full of Rainbows, Lighthouses, Photons, Auroras, White Light, Shadows and many other amazing things! There are hours of fun, creative and educational activities for whole the family.

What comes in the Light & Optics Box? 

  • Rainbow Experiment with Optical Prism
  • Fresnel Lens
  • Northern Lights Art Project
  • Design Macau and its Guia Lighthouse
  • Soapy Bubbles Art Project
  • Shadow Theatre
Check out our blog on How to Make a Shadow Puppet Theatre at Home

The Petit Pelican box is:

  • 6 or more learning and entertaining DIY Activities ranging in complexity that your child can make with minimal grown-up involvement.
  • A 20-page Educational Magazine that has explanations, instructions, stories, interviews, recipes, book recommendations and as many other activities as we can squeeze in.
  • Age-appropriate and safe art and craft materials needed for your projects. Our boxes are made with recycled or Eco-friendly Materials.